What are California's business naming requirements and how can I confirm the availability of a name?

Among other requirements, the California Secretary of State requires that businesses register with a name that does not conflict with the name of any existing registered business. If you attempt to register with a name that is unavailable, you will be responsible for resubmission fees. For additional information or questions about California’s business name requirements, see:

Confirming California Name Availability

At a minimum, we recommend you make your own assessment about the availability of a name by using California’s Business Search.


  • Search both the Corporation Name database and the Limited Liability Company/Limited Partnership Name database because a company's name cannot conflict with any existing business.
  • Using California's Business Search does not provide conclusive evidence that a name is available.
  • The name may be available if a search for the name you want returns:
    • “Record not found" or
    • an existing business with a status of Forfeited, Dissolved or Surrendered.
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