How do I make changes to a document set after sending signature requests?


Once legal documents have been signed and finalized, the documents are assumed to be legally effective. This means that making changes to finalized legal documents generally requires completing additional paperwork. If you realize you've made a mistake in a finalized document set, please contact us and we’ll see if we can help with any of the paperwork.

If a document set hasn't yet been finalized, the document set owner (usually the person who created it) can still make changes.
From your dashboard, click on the document set you want to edit.
In the left sidebar, click Back to Workflow.
Click Back to Workflow
You can then click the step you want to return to (e.g., Enter Information). Note that if you haven't yet sent out signature requests, you won't need to click Back to Workflow to return to previous steps to make changes.
Make the changes to the document set.
Once you've made all your changes, follow the steps to send out new signature requests. Please note that any signature requests you've sent previously for this document set will no longer work after you've made changes.

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