How do I invite my client to a product?

Attorneys have access to a number of products that are not available to other users. If you've determined that one of these templates is appropriate for your client's circumstances, you can invite your client to use it. You can do this when you invite a new team to Clerky, by following the instructions here: How do I add a Team to my Workspace?.

You can also invite a new client to a product directly from that product's page. To do that, follow these instructions:

Click on Templates in the main navigation and navigate to the product you'd like to use.
When viewing the product description, you'll see a button to Invite Someone:
Clerky invite someone
Click this button, then enter your client's email address. They will receive an email invitation to use this product.

If you'd prefer to give an existing team access to a product without sending an email invitation, you can follow these instructions instead:

Click the Manage link in the top left corner of the navigation bar to open your workspace manager.
Clerky manage link
Click the Teams link in the workspace manager sub-navigation.
Clerky teams link
Find the team in the teams list and click on it.
Click on the Templates link in the left sidebar menu.
Clerky templates link
Click the Add button at the top of the page. Navigate to the product you want this team to use, then click the Select Template button to give the team access to the product.
Clerky select document set template button
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