How can I upload new employee paperwork?

Our Hiring products make it easy to complete new hire paperwork for employees. In some cases, however, you may have completed paperwork offline for new hires. In this case, you can upload the paperwork by following the steps below.

Click Teams in the main navigation bar.
Arrow pointing to the Teams tab in the main navigation bar
Select the team you want to upload new hire paperwork for.
A pop-up menu with a list of different teams to select from
Click Overview in the sub-navigation bar to open the team overview page.
Arrow pointing to the Overview tab in the sub-navigation bar
Click + Employee.
Arrow pointing to + Employee in the section on the Overview page about employees
Note: If you haven’t yet added employees on Clerky, click Add One under No Employees Found.

Click Paperwork completed offline?
A pop-up menu with an arrow pointing to the option to click Paperwork completed offline
Fill out the required information about the employee and start date. Then scroll down and upload the offer letter and the CIIA or PIIA agreement. Then click Record Hiring.
A page with boxes to fill in with employee information and to upload the offer letter and agreements before clicking Record Hiring
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