How does access to Clerky products work?

This article assumes your startup has incorporated using Clerky or will do so.

Your startup begins with access to only our incorporation products as a safeguard to reduce the risk of legal problems. As your startup completes prerequisite legal paperwork on Clerky, your startup will automatically get access to the products it's ready for. If your startup finalizes paperwork it isn't ready for, you could find yourself with expensive, time-consuming problems.

For example, if your startup tried to issue a safe before completing the post-incorporation setup paperwork, that safe issuance might be invalid. That's because safe financings need to be approved by the board, and your startup won't have a board until it completes the post-incorporation setup paperwork. Our software helps you avoid problems like this by only providing access to products when your startup is ready for them.





  • Incorporate your startup

Our incorporation products in our Formation product line1

1 This isn't complete until the Delaware Division of Corporations files your certificate of incorporation.

  • None
  • Adopt bylaws
  • Elect initial directors
  • Appoint initial officers
  • Issue stock to founders
  • Have founders sign IP and confidentiality agreements
Our post-incorporation setup products in our Formation product line
  • Incorporation
  • Register to do business in California or New York
Our foreign qualification products in our Formation product line
  • Incorporation
  • Post-incorporation setup

  • Adopt a stock plan
The stock plan adoption product in our Formation product line
  • Incorporation
  • Post-incorporation setup
  • Issue stock options or restricted stock to employees, consultants, or advisors
Our equity compensation products in our Hiring product line
  • Incorporation
  • Post-incorporation setup 
  • Stock plan adoption

  • Sign NDAs
Our Commercial products
  • Incorporation
  • Post-incorporation setup

  • Change number of authorized shares
  • Change name of corporation

Our Maintenance products2

2 If your startup hasn't completed the post-incorporation setup paperwork, the products for making these changes are only available by request. If you need access, please reach out.

  • Incorporation

  • Add new director
  • Add new officer
  • Accept director resignation
  • Remove officer
Our Maintenance products
  • Incorporation
  • Post-incorporation setup

What if my startup didn't incorporate using Clerky?

See What if I've already formed an entity for my startup?.

What if I purchased the Company Lifetime Package?

Purchasing the Company Lifetime Package doesn't give you access to included products. The Company Lifetime Package is a pricing plan that covers the cost of the included products (not including some third-party fees) over the lifetime of your startup. This plan does not affect product access. Like all Clerky customers, you'll only automatically receive access to the included products when you’ve completed the necessary prerequisites, as outlined above.

Are you an attorney?

See Help Center for Attorneys: How does access to Clerky products work? for a version of this article with additional information to help you work with your clients.

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