How can a startup raise money from investors with a Safe or a convertible note?

Safes and convertible notes are fundraising instruments used by start-ups to raise capital from investors (More Info).

To raise money from investors with a Safe or a convertible note:

Step 1: Review the Primer on a successful Safe or convertible note financing

Step 2: Obtain written approval from the board of directors

Step 3: Complete Safe or convertible note document set on Clerky

Collect the investor details below and complete the document set using one of the following products. Each of these popular products includes a Guide with a Summary of Terms, FAQ, Sample Calculations, links to the blank forms and more. Note that these products are only appropriate for use in private offerings involving Safes or convertible notes issued to accredited investors by a Delaware C corporation.

Safe Products

Convertible Note Products

Investor Details

  • Full Investor Name (including entity designation such as LP/LLC for funds or other entities)
  • Investment Amount
  • Name, Title & Email Address of the person signing for the investor (no Title needed for individual investors)
  • Investor Mailing Address
  • Any special signature block requirements (usually relevant only with certain VC funds)
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