What is a reviewer?

A reviewer is someone who must confirm the information entered for a document set before documents can be generated or signed. Companies often add their attorneys or paralegals as reviewers for important document sets.

Document set participants won't be able to do any tasks, other than entering information or providing signature blocks, until all reviewers have confirmed the most recent information in the document set. If you change any information, all reviewers must confirm again. If you add a new reviewer, the parties will not be able to sign documents or release signatures until the new reviewer has confirmed the information in the document set.

To learn more about adding a reviewer, see our How do I add a reviewer to a document set? article.

If you want a reviewer to receive email notifications when signature requests are sent, as well as an email with the final signed PDFs, you can add that person as an observer. To learn more about the difference between reviewers and observers, see our What's the difference between reviewers and observers? article.

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