What's the difference between reviewers and observers?



Reviews the information you enter into Clerky. It is usually your own attorney or someone who is both familiar with your situation and with the product you are using.


Simply receives emails from Clerky with a copy of the documents for the party they observe.


The following table contrasts the two roles:

  Reviewer Observer
Actively involved in document set?


All reviewers must confirm the information before drafts can be generated and signature requests can be sent out.


No action is necessary from an observer.

Emailed request to participate?


Clerky will email reviewers an invitation to participate in the document set.


Emailed document drafts?



When a party is emailed a signature request, Clerky emails all observers for that party. Copies of the documents will be included as attachments.

Emailed final PDFs?



When a document set is finalized, Clerky emails all parties copies of the final signed and dated PDFs they signed. Clerky will also email observers the same PDFs.

How to add?

On the "Review Information" step, click on "Add Reviewer".

When adding a reviewer, you have the option to designate them as an observer as well.

On the "Request Signatures" step, click on "Add Observer".

To learn more about reviewers, see our What is a reviewer? article. To learn more about observers, see our What is an observer? article.

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