How can I change how equity is split between founders?

While Completing Post-Incorporation Setup

If you are in the process of completing the post-incorporation setup paperwork and have not yet finalized it, you can change how many shares are being issued to founders at any time by going to the Enter Information step of your document set workflow.

After Finalizing Post-Incorporation Setup

Once the post-incorporation setup paperwork has been finalized, the most common way to change how equity is split between founders is by issuing more shares to founders until the desired ownership percentage are reached. You can issue additional shares to a founder by going to Teams in your main navigation bar, selecting your company's team, then going to Overview and clicking + Issuance next to the capitalization summary.

Please note that if your company doesn't have enough shares remaining for issuance, you may need to first amend your company's certificate of incorporation to authorize more shares. You can find a product for this by going to Templates in your main navigation, and then opening the Charter Amendment category.

It is also possible for one founder to transfer shares to another founder. Experienced startup attorneys rarely recommend this approach, but if you would like to explore this option further, you would need to work with one. We recommend reading our content about legal quality before finding a startup attorney.

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