How can my corporation get help complying with Delaware's requirements?

This article only applies to Delaware C corporations that incorporated using Clerky and haven’t changed registered agents.

You can find answers to common tax and compliance questions in the Taxes & Compliance section of this help center. Our help center articles are the extent of the help Clerky can provide on these matters.

If your startup needs further assistance, you can consult your company’s accountant or attorney, or contact one of the following.

Your company’s registered agent

Many registered agents offer a supplemental compliance service for an additional fee. If you opt in for this service, your company’s registered agent will submit the annual franchise tax report and payment on your company’s behalf.

Your registered agent is probably CSC. Contact us for information about how to reach CSC’s dedicated team for Clerky customers.

If you aren’t sure who your company’s registered agent is in Delaware, you can use Delaware’s business entity search to look up your company’s registered agent.

The Delaware Division of Corporations

The Delaware Division of Corporations offers support by phone, email, and live chat. You can find these contact details on their Contact Information page. Make sure to allow for increased response times as the March 1st deadline nears.

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