How can I check on the status of my EIN application?

This article assumes you applied for an EIN by fax, either on your own or through Clerky. People who apply online through the IRS website won’t need to check their application status because they’ll receive their EIN instantly.

If you applied by fax through Clerky, you’ll have access to a timeline showing where you are in the process of obtaining your startup’s EIN. You can find your timeline by going to the EIN application step of your company formation checklist.

Please note that the only information the IRS provides about the status of EIN applications is whether or not an EIN has been assigned. If the IRS hasn't assigned an EIN yet, it won't even disclose whether they've received the application or how far in the process an application is. As a result, your EIN timeline on Clerky won't be able to show this type of information either. Some other services may claim or imply that they can get this information from the IRS, but this isn't possible.

There can sometimes be a delay between when the IRS assigns your EIN and when they fax the EIN back. It’s also possible that something goes wrong when the IRS tries to send the EIN to the fax number listed in your application. If you think this might have happened to you, you can try calling the IRS at 1-800-829-4933 if you want to find out whether your EIN has been assigned. The IRS will usually be able to tell you the EIN over the phone if you're the responsible party listed on the application. Before you call, be aware that talking to the IRS over the phone won’t speed anything up or get your EIN assigned faster. If the EIN hasn’t been assigned or you’re not the responsible party, the IRS won’t be able to tell you anything. We wish there was a better answer, but in this situation there’s nothing to do but wait.

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