How does a company file its Delaware annual report and pay its Delaware franchise tax?

Please Note: Clerky is unable to assist with annual report and tax matters. For assistance, you must contact the Delaware Secretary of State or your company's registered agent, accountant or lawyer (see Need Compliance Help?).

Both the Delaware annual report filing and franchise tax payment obligations must be completed on the Delaware Secretary of State's web site using the annual report filing tool.

A startup typically manages the annual report filing and franchise tax payment obligations itself or seeks assistance from its registered agent or accountant.

Note that a startup often owes only $450 ($50 annual report filing fee plus $400
minimum franchise tax using the Assumed Par Value Method). For more information, see How does Delaware calculate the franchise tax and what is the minimum tax for a startup?

Do it Yourself

  1. Go to the Annual Report and Tax Instructions

  2. Click the Pay Taxes/File Annual Report link and enter your company's entity number.

    Taxes are paid in arrears, so 2014 taxes are due by March 1, 2015. To search for the entity number with the corporation's name, use the General Information Name Search tool.

  3. Follow the prompts to complete the annual report and pay taxes by credit card.

    Many fields in the annual report include a help button link to an explanation of the information required.

Need Compliance Help?

For further questions and assistance, consult your company's accountant or lawyer or one of the following:

  • Delaware Secretary of State

    The staff at the Delaware Secretary of State's office have a general reputation for being very helpful. Contact details for phone, email and chat support is on the Contact Us page. Allow for increased response and wait times as the March 1st deadline nears.

  • Registered Agent

    Your corporation's registered agent offers a premium service to assist with annual report filings and franchise tax payments. Determine who your corporation's Delaware registered agent is by using the Entity Search on the Delaware web site. For startups that incorporated using Clerky, the registered agent is one of the following:

    • CSC (a.k.a. Corporation Service Company, The Company Corporation, or (please contact us for information about how to reach CSC's dedicated team for Clerky customers)
    • Incorp Services, Inc. (Contact Information)
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