What if my company's address changes?

Your company should always keep its address current with its registered agent. This means you should update your company’s registered agent when your company’s address changes. To contact your company’s registered agent and provide the information, see Who is my company's registered agent?

Updating your Clerky address book

You should also update your Clerky address book when your startup’s address changes. This ensures that the right address will be pre-filled into legal paperwork you complete on Clerky. Be aware that updating your Clerky address book won't update any other services or organizations (such as your registered agent), so you'll need to update them separately. You can find your Clerky address book by clicking on your account name in the main navigation bar and selecting Address Book.

Your addess book on Clerky

Delaware Requirements

Delaware simply requires a company to keep its address current with its Delaware registered agent. Each year, the company will also provide its current address when filing its Delaware annual report, which is due by March 1st.

California Requirements

A Delaware corporation qualified to do business in California must file a Statement of Information on Form SI-550 to update its address with the California Secretary of State.

Online filing is available here. Simply search for the company’s name, select it from the results and then click on the “Continue Filing” button. Be sure to list the correct corporate registered agent (see above).

Note: If you recently filed a Statement of Information online, the "Continue Filing" button will not be available and you must instead file a physical copy of the "Statement of Information - Stock" form, which is available from the Forms section of the California Secretary of State web site.


For your convenience, we have also compiled the following list of additional parties you may want to update with your new address:

  • IRS
  • State and local tax authorities
  • USPS
  • UPS and Fedex
  • Banks
  • Credit / debit card billing addresses
  • Accountant
  • Payroll company
  • Insurance companies
  • USCIS (for visas)
  • Counterparties to agreements that allow for notices to be sent by mail

You may also find this additional list helpful.

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