How can I tell if an invoice for registered agent service is legitimate?

This article applies to startups who (1) used Clerky to incorporate or register to do business in CA or NY and who (2) haven’t changed their registered agent.

If you receive an unfamiliar invoice, first check to see if that invoice is from your company’s registered agent. You authorized and requested registered agent service when you first completed incorporation or foreign qualification paperwork on Clerky. Your company’s registered agent is CSC. An invoice from CSC may mention CSC Global, Corporation Service Company, The Company Corporation, or These are all brands that CSC provides registered agent service under. If you’re worried that the invoice you received is fake, you can go directly to and see if you have any bills to pay there.

CSC’s first year of service was included in the fees your company paid to Clerky. For all subsequent years, CSC will send you an invoice directly. If you don’t pay their invoice, your company may lose its ability to conduct business. All Delaware corporations are required by law to have a registered agent in Delaware. Companies are also generally required to have a registered agent in each state where they do business. CSC has offices in every state to help your company satisfy these requirements.

You can also opt in for CSC’s supplemental compliance service. This means CSC will help you with state compliance matters, such as annual report filings and franchise or business tax payments, in addition to serving as your company’s registered agent. If you decide to use this supplemental service, your invoice from CSC will reflect a higher fee.

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